Top 5 Activities for your Maui, Hawaii, Vacation

When I was planning to visit Maui, I searched for ideas on what to do during my vacation. Yes, I know sitting on the beach watching the ocean and feeling like there is nothing in the world to worry about is fun, but that gets old after you do that for a whole week(maybe not). 
But, unfortunately when I was looking on the Web, I found out there was not much detailed information. This made me remember my experience on the Island, and how I wanted to know what to do. 
So in conclusion I decided to come up with this list for others like me, who want to have variety, in your activities while visiting, picture perfect, Maui, Hawaii. 

Visit Molokini Crater and/or Honolua Bay

I will first tell you about Molokini Crater. 
 Lets start with some history.
This crater was made when a volcano erupted years ago. As a result large amounts of corals grew and fish began to populate. Unfortunately during 
World War 2 the US Army used for target practice :(
As a result a lot of the reefs and corals were damaged. Fortunately in 1977 Molokini Crater was made in  to a Marine Conservation District. Thanks to   this it is now one of the most popular snorkeling, scuba, and snuba dive spots in the world. Snorkeling on at this crater is amazing. Yellow, Blue, Stirped, Clown fish and many more exotic creatures make the crater their home. All kinds of corals and sea urchins lie on the seabed. It is truly a snorkelers paradise. Just the fact that you are in a crater makes it even better.  Here are some pictures of what to expect when snorkeling at this place.

Honolua Bay
This place is for those who want snorkeling without paying. It is a secluded bay with excellent snorkeling. It is located north of Lahaina. The set back for this bay is that there are South swells during the Winter. So the best time to snorkel there is in the Summer. 

Bike Down A Volcano
This is one of the most famous bike rides in the world. You get to bike down Haleakala volcano. And not just that you can go on the morning tour and see a Maui sunrise. The tour includes roundtrip transportation from your hotel to the mountain. You get to hot drinks and muffins, and start your journey down. Bicycle gear with the helmets, windbreakers, gloves are all included. Wear warm clothes because mornings on the volcano can be chilly, and don't forget your camera!

Attend Ulalena
This if for those who want some nightlife on Maui, or just want to see a glimpse of history on the island. on this Island. Enjoy and unforgettable evening under the stars with the authentic Imus ceremony, followed by an all you can eat lua buffet. This is great for starting off your Maui Vacation. The show includes acrobatics and actors with various talents. A great way to put variety in your Vacation. 

The Road to Hana
This is going to be one of your biggest highlights on Maui. It is practically impossible to go to Maui and not hear any ads about visiting Hana, and not just Hana (city on Maui) but the road that takes you there.  It is a 56 mile journey through the Islands jungles. Waterfalls, one lane bridges, and spectacular views are just some of the highlights. Hana is on the north east side of Maui and receives a lot of rain. This makes it a fertile place and farmers make use of it by planting pineapples, bananas, sugarcane, and other tropical fruit. You can buy these when driving by stoping by the roadside shacks selling these fruits for very low prices. It is hard to describe the experience one gets there.  Make sure you visit this on the Island!
Here are some more pictures.

And lastly Beaches
Maui has beaches ranging from white sand to black, and world renown to locally known. The beach is a fun to just sit on and relax. But knowing different beaches gives your vacation the variety your looking for. As I said there are lots of beaches with different water conditions and sand. Some have excellent snorkeling and others have great surfing conditions. Mostly the best beaches are on Maui's south coast. One of my favorite was Big Beach. You can google that beach and you will see what I mean or you can look at my pics. It has very nice sand. What I mean by that is that it is soft and not filled with clay. So if you get over turned by a wave you won't scratch your skin against it. It feels like a lot of tiny pebbles that just roll when you walk. But one problem with this beach is that there is only one surf break usually very close to the beach. But once you get the hang of it does not seem bad. 
So here is a list of beaches and their attributes.  

I will add these a little later. Thanks for reading! 

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